To enter a new market it is necessary to assess the real opportunity in the country through addressing the factors that affect business decisions and companies need to analyze those before formulating an entry strategy. We provide targeted Market Entry solutions tailored to your specific objectives. We have developed a tested process customized to each specific situation not pre-packaged "answers" to complex problems. We coduct Market Mopping assingments designed to provide our clients with a strategic assessment of the market, the current products and competitors and the strategic fit of the product or business in question. Our business approach combines consulting  a wide range of information sources for information on market from  industry supplier directories, chambers of commerce, industrial supply listings, government organization published data as well as our from own business network contacts from past projects and conducting  primary  research with selected key players, distributors and experts in the market for info and cross validating figures. Our Market assessment addresses; markets (size & trends), distribution dynamics, competitors and country macroeconomics And  our Recommendations. This is a go - no go assessment, not a comprehensive or detailed market segmentation study, it addresses and analysis the following key elements:     

 Market Size and Trends

• Dynamics and products offering details.

• Distribution Channels.

• Driving Forces in the market positive and negative.

• Barriers to entry

• Critical success factors.

• Macro economics and social trends  

• Key regulatory and legislative factors.  

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